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Hi, bob howz it going mate? I wrote you an email earlier about Sydney sexual health's six week tests,,,thanks for ur reply,,,and yes btw offcourse we are mates!!!u know i was talking to my gay doctor on oxford st. and i told him about ur website etc etc,,,and he tells me that he himself is a regular reader!!! Oh yes and i also agree about ur comments about what the bloody hell is goin on with aussie boys these days,,,why are they all so worried,,,,well thank god that we have you 2 help us mate!! i just have one last question,,,i begged my doc to get me a HIV pcr TEST 7 weeks post exposure..i gave the bloods in on tuesday,,,,the lab is meant to do these tests every thursday but they had some staffing problems and have to instead do em' this comin monday...that's a six day gap between collection and testing...My Beer fuelled anxiety question is this...will my test still be valid doc?...cause i read somewhere that ROCHE says that BLOOD should be PROCESSED within 4 days of collection!!...could it be that processing the blood is different to testing the blood and i am just being a dill???...please answr doc.... oh yea i have something unrelated to say....ive got an uncle in CISCO' and he wants me to come stay there for a few months just so i can chillax as im havin a bit of a hard time here with university n stuff,,,i hear CISCO' is lot like sydney whaddya reckon.??,,,are the blokes just as HOT..or what?


Hey Banana-UP,

Welcome back to the forum.

I'm delighted both you and your Oxford St. doc find the site helpful. Interestingly enough, many years ago, when I had a spunky Aussie-surfer-dude for a lover ("heaven-on-a-stick" my friends used to call him), I actually considered opening an office on Oxford Street! Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't. If I had, I might not have found Steve (Dr. Steve, the expert in the Tratamientos Forum). He's "better than heaven on a stick." He's vegemite on warm toast.

Regarding your PCR test, no worries, Mate. There are some regulations as to how the plasma is processed before the test is run, depending on which assay the lab is using. However, all blood tests are timed and dated. If your specimen is too old to be accurate, the lab will contact you for another blood sample. Really, they will.

As for San Francisco (no one here calls it Frisco or Cisco, by the way) vs. Sydney, they are actually somewhat similar. Except:

  1. Your harbor bridge is more modern than our Golden Gate.

  2. Your beaches are much better and the water, much warmer. (Can't go in the water without a wetsuit here.)

  3. We don't have spunky lifesavers who like to pull their cozzies up the crack of their butts like your blokes do.

  4. Your weather is better.

  5. We don't have Mardi Gras.

  6. Darlinghurst is classier than the Castro.

  7. No opera house, roos, cuddly koalas or cackling kookaburras.

  8. However, we do have a Rodeo Cowboy running the country.

Hey . . . come to think of it, what the hell are Steve and I doing here instead of Sydney??? Kidding, of course. Australians love San Francisco and San Franciscans love Australians. All you have to do is show up and talk and you'll have All-American boys wanting to root like wombats in heat.

So if you come to town and see me on Castro Street, don't hesitate to say g'day mate.


Dr. Bob