Balanitis 8 Months after an Unsafe Sex Encounter with an HIV+?


Last November I accidentally had unsafe sex with a HIV+ man, and he ejaculated inside me once. I had my RT PCR blood test this January; it did not detect any virus. And in February I did antibody test; the result was negative. After one month, this March, I did another antibody test; the result was also negative. Since then I stopped doing blood test and did not have any more sexual encounter. But, two weeks ago, I went to a gay sauna and someone there gave me a blow job. This week my glans started to have a rash, and my urethral opening aches sometimes but not constantly. I went to see a doc; he said it's balanitis and gave me tube of cream to use. I'm very worried that it could be a symptom of HIV. Even though my antibody test after a three-month window period turned out to be negative, yet I heard for some people window period can last to 6 or 8 months. If this is true, is it possible that my balanitis actually comes from HIV?

And I also wonder what STDs can be transmitted to a guy who receives merely a blow job. Thanks.



How does one "accidentally have unsafe sex?" Did you trip and inadvertently get impaled on a throbbing tallywhacker from a virally enhanced bystander?

As for your unsafe sexcapade, the CDC recommendations are to get HIV-antibody tested at both the three- and six-month period. That you've had negative HIV-antibody tests out to five months plus an undetectable RT PCR at three months is extremely encouraging. The odds are now astronomically in your favor that you did not contract HIV from this "accident."

Your balanitis is most likely due to your recent adventures in the gay sauna. There are a number of STDs that can be transmitted via unprotected insertive oral sex. See below. And also check out the chapter on oral sex in the archives of this forum.

Dr. Bob

Oral sex and STD (ORAL SEX AND STDs) Jun 9, 2008

The truth is that most of my friends don't even think of oral sex as sex and is no good talking with them about this subject - Im really ignorant about this: what's the likelihood of getting AIDS or other diseases with oral sex?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Your friends don't think of oral sex as sex??? Hmm . . . one wonders how they would classify it. Penis Popsicle high-protein snack, perhaps? To get an answer to your question, I'd suggest you read the information in the archives. We have a whole chapter dedicated to oral sex (or high-protein snacks, if you wish). Briefly, there are different levels of risk, depending on the STD and the type of oral sex. For instance, STDs that cause sores and blisters (like syphilis and herpes) are quite easy to get from all types of oral sex (getting or giving). Common STDs, like gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU, can be contracted from sucking and getting sucked. Hepatitis A, intestinal parasites and herpes can be quite easily passed through rimming without a barrier. It's much easier to transmit or acquire STDs when sores, blisters or discharge ("the drip") are present.

HIV is not easy to transmit or acquire via any kind of oral sex. However, there have been well-documented cases of getting HIV from sucking ("giving head"). The message here is that "low risk" does not mean "no risk!" Bleeding gums, gum disease and sores in the mouth can facilitate HIV transmission through oral sex. There have been no "well-documented" cases of getting HIV from getting sucked. There are no recorded cases of HIV transmission from rimming or getting rimmed. It is much, much, much easier to get HIV from unprotected anal sex than from oral sex.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends sometime when they are not distracted by their high-protein snacking.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob