In May I noticed a dry rash about the size of a dime(with skin flaking) on the glans of my penis. The doctor diagnosed it as a candida related fungal infection and I treated with clotrimazole 1%. The rash subsided after apprxomately 4 week of treatment, but then returned. I re-treated, the rash went away then returned. I am still assuming this is a recurrent balanitis, but no test were done including Syphillis or ghonorrea to confirm diagnosis. Could this be considered an OI. My VL is ND and CD4 around 450. Are there any other tests which could verify what exactly this is and how to treat?


Syphilis can be a great fooler, so it would be useful to get a blood test for syphilis to make sure that is not what you have. It doesn't sound typical of gonorrhea or other common STDs. The lesion could be scapred and cultured for fungus to make a deffinitive diagnosis. Recurrent fungal skin infections, especailly in the groin area, are very common, even in people with good control of their HIV disease (it happens to HIV-s, also). This would not be considered a classical OI-- it is much less serious than that, even if it is a nuisance.