Bad advice from planned parenthood?


Hi Dr. Bob-

I called my local planned parenthood concerend about a potential exposure (cut on my finger during a manicure, liquid styptic put on my cut and lotion massaged on my hands afterward), and the woman there told me it was a significant risk and that I should be tested. However, she didnt even know what HIV2 was, so maybe she's not a very informed counselor. So...I then called my local AIDS information hotline they were not at all concerned and said testing was not warranted. CDC said they have no documented cases of transmission this way. What is your opinion? I went and got a rapid HIV 1/HIV2 Orasure test at 30 days because she totally freaked me out, which was negative. I know it's in the window period still, but my quesitons are...

  1. Did I need to test in the fitstplace?
  2. If so, how encouraging is the 30 day negative test? How sensitive is that test? I have read that most people would show positive by 25 days.
  3. is a sinus infection an ARS symptom?

Thanks so much from a worried pregnant lady. Donation on the way to your foundation. As a sidenote, after reading your posts I love your use of OUCHAMAGOUCHA. Hilarious!



You cut your finger during a manicure? OUCHAMAGOUCHA!!!

The initial advice you received was inaccurate. I agree with the advice you subsequently got from the AIDS hotline and CDC. To answer your specific questions:

  1. No.

  2. A negative test is always encouraging. But any HIV test taken prior to the three-month mark is not considered to be conclusive.

  3. No.

Be well. Stay well. By the way, the jungle red nails look stunning!

Dr. Bob