Back neck nodes


Ive been experiencing neck pain for about one month. The pain is muscular pain and sometimes it travels through my head giving me a headache. Three days ago when I was taking a bath I felt behind my neck a lump but it wasnt hard, its size is like a spiders bite, and it doesnt hurt me. The next day I found another one on the left side of my neck little bit upper then the right one. The same day at night I felt my body cold, like I was having a fever but I didnt, and neck same place as the lump has a burning/flaming feeling but, which is annoying. And my ears feel blocked some of the time and little bit pain. I went to the doctor the next day and she did couple of check up and said I have nothing. After that I went to a different doctor, because I felt I have a little bit of sore throat and to check out the lump. The doctor told me it is a node, and I have an inflammation, which is a cause from the flu, but she said my body is fighting it. And then she added but your neck is a different problem, she said if you dont happen to sit correctly or have stress it can create nodes. What should I do about the node? Can it be something serious?


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