Avoid potato chips with French onion dip at all costs


In a recent post you said "do minimize consumption of potato chips with French onion dip at all costs".

{Tongue planted firmly in cheek}: Obviously someone else does the shopping in your family!

OK seriously though, I grant you that I have not yet found a good "French onion dip" substitute, BUT there are many new chips (both UK and US style) that are cooked in oils with no trans fats and very low saturated fat.

Since my diagnosis, I've been on a low saturated fat - low cholesterol diet.

I allow myself 5g of saturated fats and 50mcg of cholesterol a day.

In six months on this diet I have lost 30 lbs and lowered my total chol almost 100 points (to 150) and my trigs down over 200 points (to 94).

I've done all of this, AND I eat the new sunflower cooked and baked chips several times a week, and even allow myself a full on UK style "fish and chips" once a month (cooked in peanut oil).

I honestly don't think I would have been this successful with the range of products offered even only just a few years ago, but today I'm finding so many GREAT alternatives to many of my old "heavily saturated fat" laced favorites.

Thanks so much for the work you guys do!!!

I can personally recommend the following substitute foods: http://www.galaxyfoods.com/ http://www.kettlebakes.com/ http://www.lays.com/#Sunflower http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,ground_turkey,FF.html


Hello thanks for posting.

I am married to a cardiologist so I will state for the record that our kitchen cabinets are chock-full of nutritious, low fat, and quite sensible food.

But when she goes out of town for medical conferences, potato chips and French onion dip are back on the menu along with take out pizza and popcorn - trans-fats be dammed. My kids seem to enjoy this walk on the wild side and are able to revert back to the austere, heart healthy diet without missing a beat.

That said, I agree with you that advances in food technology have vastly improved the repertoire of healthful food choices which are available.