Hello Dr. Bob,

I was asked a question yesterday that I am unable to answer or find the answer to. Is there a standard practice, when performing autopsies, that would identify if the person had been HIV positive?

I searched "autopsy" on the site and did not find any answers, nor was I successful finding answers after googling the topic.

Thanks again for all you do! You're my idol ;-)



Hello Preventioneer,

Autopsies are performed to determine the cause of death and detail the physical findings of the corpse. If someone died of an HIV/AIDS-related condition, it most likely would be evident. However, routine HIV tests are not performed on cadavers (for a variety of reasons). So, if an asymptotic HIV-positive person is zapped dead by an errant lightening bolt, the autopsy would indicate he died as as result of electrocution and would not mention HIV status.

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Dr. Bob