Augmenting LDH and lungs


Hello. I have less than 50 CD4 and more than 150'000 viral load. Radiography as well as TAC present some white "stripes" in my lungs (causing dry coughing, 38' temperature since 2 months) but lung rinsing, blood analysis and blood cultures have had all negative results (on TBC, PCP, CMV, MAC, and all kind of infection, virus and fungus connected to HIV/AIDS). The only things found are the following: In three weeks my LDH has been 551 then 505 now 612. Consider that I have started HAART 10 days ago. Emoglobin has been 9,7 then 10,8 now still 10,8 (I am taking AZT which could cause/worsen anemia). PCR has augmented from 2 to 24. What do you think I should investigate further? My doctor told me that I don't need to do further enquiry (e.g. biopsy) because LDH and PCR could be a reaction to the HAART. Do you agree? Thank you for all the exceptional work you are doing. Dido


HAART would not cause the LDH level to increase. Elevation of LDH is nonspecific and could be the result of some kind of infection or malignancy. It sounds like they ruled out most of the infectious possibilities. I would make sure they have looked for the possibility of malignancies, especially lymphoma.