Hi my CD4 count currently 300, so my doctor give me the above combination. (Take ATZ 2 tablets twice daily, take 3TC 1 tablet twice daily & Efiva is 1 tablet at night) But after taking the medicine I feel very giddy, as if I am drunk. My doctor said that I have anemia, therefore he gave me this combination, is he correct? Or must I talk to him again regarding my anemia problem and ask him to give me another combination? I have been feeling giddy for 7 days, is it common? And what foods or fruits or supplements should I eat to make me less giddy? Really hope to hear from you soon. Tks Doctor


If by Efiva your mean efavirenz then that drug often causes a giddy feeling during the first 1-4 weeks usually fading after that time. Anemia can contribute to that but the most likely explanation would be an anticipated side effect from efavirenz. KH