atripla and neutropenia


dear Dr, I was confirmed positive last month cd4 257, vl 276037, and started generic atripla. other lab results liver and kidney functions normal, but the CBC showed hb:13.3 (13.5-18) leucocyte count 3300 (4000-10500)segmented 36% lymphocytes 47%. the lab commented that i had mild hypochromic anemia with leucopenia absolute neutropenia and relative lymphocytosis, my platelets were 120,000 but that's familial and I always has slightly low platelet counts. I am worried about the leucopenia and the neutropenia will it improve with the ART or is the atripla itself damaging to the white cell values? also is there anything I can do besides not missing doses that can help improve the CBC?, many thanks in advance


Given where your CD4 count was when starting HIV treatment, these blood count decreases are likely the result of HIV infection and should improve once the HIV viral load becomes undetectable. Atripla does not usually affect blood counts.