Atripla and ambien or melatonin


I work 12 t 13 hours a day, 5 days a week.I am having trouble sleeping and staying asleep, this is becoming a big problem at work. My doc prescribed me ambien 5mg. I take Atripla(over 2 yrs now), vasotec 10 mg and Norvasc 5mg along with many vitamins and suplements. Is Ambien 5mg safe? melatonin? please help...thank you


Ambien can help some patients sleep for the short term but is rarely a good long term answer. The efavirenz in Atripla might decrease the levels of Ambien making it less effective. Response to melatonin is variable but for the subset of patients who do respond to it there is little downside to long term use. A sleep assessment by a sleep specialist can often be helpful. If insomnia is the problem then non-addicting meds for long term use to consider might include drugs like amitryptiline, trazodone, or seroquel. Dosing the Atripla or a switch to an alternaitive regimen is also worth considering if the efavirenz is identified as a likely key factor for your sleep problem. KH