At the Monster

Poem 25 ±

My body is as undetectable
as the virus lurking within it,
standing in the heated crowd
along the dance floor. Old
and sober. That’s the best I can say
for myself, the finest example
I can set for all the young men
around me. I’m not nostalgic
or sentimental: I just want
to feel what transparency is like,
to put old memories in their place;
If this were thirty years ago
most of them would want to screw me.
Now they look not at me but through me.

Dennis Rhodes is the author of Spiritus Pizza & Other Poems (Vital Links, 2000) and Entering Dennis (Xlibris, 2005). His poems and essays have appeared in BLOOM_,_ Chelsea Station_,_ Lambda Literary Review_,_ The Cape Cod Times_,_ New York Newsday_,_ Fine Gardening_,_ Avocet_,_ Backstreet_,_ Ibbetson Street_,_ bear creek haiku_,_ Aurorean_, and_ Alembic_, among others._