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I am posting response to Dr's query about published results from using artemisia annua. AIDS: Artemisia annua anamed (A-3) and Moringa We have received remarkable news from Musoma in Tanzania. There the Africa Inland Church in Tanzania (AICT) has a Community Health Centre which is led by a Tanzania doctor, Dr Feleshi, and a German nurse, Maike Ettling. Associated with the Centre is Kazo Roho, a self-help group for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A).

For the past two years they have been treating more than a hundred AIDS patients with Artemisia annua tea and moringa, together with a lot of spiritual, social and emotional care. The following five people even changed from being HIV+ to HIV-. This was confirmed in each case.

According to modern medicine, however, this is not possible. Even if a patient is totally healed, he / she remains HIV+. Therefore these results are both remarkable and mysterious. What is certain is that the health of many patients improved dramatically; their body weight and general condition improved and their CD4 cell count increased.

Please therefore, doctors and nurses, use the following treatments to strengthen the immune system of AIDS patients in order to verify these experiences. Also, as in Musoma, treat all the symptoms such as cough, sleeplessness, headache etc. with the treatments given in our book AIDS and Natural Medicine, and give the patients emotional and spiritual support. Please use the attached form to give us feedback.

The details of the Tanzanian patients are as follows:

Patient 1. C. M.

62 years old Married with three wives, which he left in the village when he learned that he was HIV+. HIV test in 2002 AICT Musoma Health Centre: Positive (According to two different tests, Capillar and Determine). General condition at that time: weak, wasted, intermittent fever. Started using A-3, moringa and pawpaw seeds. General condition improved. Tested again in 2003 (AICT Musoma Health Centre): Positive. Tested in March 2004 (AICT Musoma Health Centre, DDH Bunda, Government Hospital, Musoma): all three tests negative. Patient 2. T. C.

She died in 2004 of heart problems when 45 years old. Nonetheless she was an example of someone who turned negative. Was married, husband died in 2000. Has 5 children. Tested Musoma Government Hospital 2001: positive. Started coming to Kaza Roho in 2003. Started working with the Health Department within the Mara & Ukerewe Diocese: visiting patients at home. Started using A-3 and moringa. Tested in AICT Musoma Health Centre 2002, Feb. 2003 and June 2003 (Capillar & Determine): all three tests positive. Tested again Sept. 2003 in Musoma Health Centre: negative. Other tests done in Muhmbili/Dar, Musoma Government Hospital twice: all tests negative. Patient 3. N. M.

25 years old. Married in 2004. Nurse/midwife worked in Bunda AICT Health Centre until 2004. Tested Dec. 2003 AICT Bunda Health Centre: positive. Started using A-3, garlic and moringa. Tested again in AICT Bunda Health Centre March 2003: positive. Tested again in July 2004: Negative. Patient 4. S. M.

Tested in 2002 in Musoma AICT Health Centre: Positive. Got tuberculosis in 2002. Started using A-3, moringa. After 6 months: Improvement of general condition. Tested again in September AICT Musoma Health Centre: Negative. Also two tests in Mwanza gave negative results. Patient 5. M. K.

Married. Tested in 1999 with Capillars (as blood donor in Kazilankanda AICT Health Centre (Ukerewe): positive. Tested again in 2000 (AICT Kazilankanda Health Centre): positive. In 2001 started to undergo some treatment with a local healer in Ukerewe. In the same year he was checked twice: both tests positive. In 2003 started using A-3 and moringa. In 2003 he was tested again: Positive (Musoma AICT Health Centre). Tested in June 2004 at AICT Musoma Health Centre (Capillars & Determine): Negative. Two tests done in Bugando Hospital, Mwanza: Negative. CD4 done in Sept. 04: 815. Tested again at AICT Musoma Health Centre in Sept. 04: Negative.

The fact that A-3 and moringa increase the number of CD4 cells was seen in the following case:

Patient 6. M. N.

32 years. Came to Musoma AICT Health Centre in 2002 in a bad general condition Was already tested positive somewhere else Tested in Musoma Health Centre 2003: Positive. At that time CD4 count was 34. Started using A-3 and moringa. After 3 months, CD4 count was 280.
Summary of Natural ways in which the immune system of AIDS patients can be increased.

(For more details, see Chapter 6 of the anamed book AIDS and Natural Medicine by Hirt, Lindsey and Balagizi.)

We recommend that patients use 3 of the following:

Garlic, Allium sativum, eat at least 3 cloves each day of raw garlic. Artemisia annua. For the first month, drink 1 litre of tea using 5 grams of dried leaves each day. Thereafter, for one week in every month, drink this amount of tea. Neem, Azadirachta indica. Take one to two heaped teaspoonfuls of dried neem leaf powder each week. Lemon Grass, Cymbopogon citratus. Drink two litres of tea, using one handful of fresh leaves for each litre, each day. Aloe vera. Drink one to two tablespoonfuls of gel each day. This gel may be mixed with an equal quantity of honey. Lemon (Citrus limon). Drink the juice of one lemon each day. Moringa oleifera. Make moringa leaf powder, and add one heaped teaspoonful to the food three times a day, every day of your life. In this study we are particularly interested in the effects of artemisia tea and moringa leaf powder, though any of the other recommendations may be used in addition.

Please copy the following form, and return it either to Hans-Martin Hirt or Keith Lindsey by post or by email (addresses below)

Record form: Symptoms, treatment and progress of a patient with HIV / AIDS

Christian Name Surname................................................... Date of birthMale / female Address....... Date treatment commenced....................

No Symptoms Month of treatment

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 Diarrhoea (times per day)

2 Persistent fever (degrees)

3 Weight (kg)

4 Chronic cough (tuberculosis or pneumonia) *

5 Candida albicans (oral thrush) *

6 Kaposis Sarcoma *

7 Herpes zoster *

8 Skin problems *

9 CD4 - cells

Observations / any other symptoms? e.g. gastritis, psychological problems

  • Please complete as follows: - no indication, + mild problem, ++ moderately serious problem, +++ serious problem

    Details of treatment(s) given Condition of patient Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12

Hans-Martin Hirt: Schafweide 77, 71364 Winnenden, Germany Tel: +49 7195 910225 Email:

Keith Lindsey: Berglenstr. 10, 71364 Winnenden, Germany Tel: +49 7195 74572

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Thanks for posting that. If any treatment is clearly and rapidly effective it should be straightforward to prove its benefit in a clinical trial that gets published in a peer reviewed setting. The testimonials posted are interesting but not at all convincing. The investigators of that product have an obligation to properly compare their treatment to standard treatment in a clinical study to domonstrate safety and benefit. KH