You're all kinds of amazing, nicer to some than others, but amazing. Can you walk through the main phases of ARS. I'm told it presents in 7-10 days and subsides in 5 - 10. That sound accurate? I was an insertive top for a brief time before i realized the mistake i was making and put on a condom. planning to test when the time is right.



Timing can vary from person to person, based on many factors involving the individual host (immune integrity, etc.) and the virus (viral strain, etc.). Most folks who have been infected with HIV who experience ARS feel sick within a few weeks. ARS may be mild and very brief or it may be severe enough to require hospitalization. The most common symptoms associated with ARS are similar to the flu or mononucleosis (fever, muscle ache, fatigue, sore throat, swollen glands, and rash).

The natural history of untreated HIV/AIDS is viral transmission followed in two to three weeks by acute retroviral syndrome, which generally lasts two to three weeks and is in turn followed by recovery and seroconversion over the next two to four weeks. Most HIVers then enter an asymptomatic chronic infection phase that persists on average for eight years and is followed by a symptomatic HIV/AIDS phase that lasts on average 1.5 years, ultimately resulting in death. Remember, this is in untreated patients only!

Dr. Bob