Ars Symptoms straight into full blown AIDS?


Hi there, this is more of a quesiton out of curiosity, and a slight (most likely) irrational fear of mine.

my risk was unprotected oral (msm) me giving, no ejaculation, first sexual encounter. i am already aware of my negligible risk and have been advised not to test again after a 6 week negative 4th gen duo test.

my question to you is,

If someone truly had ARS symptoms, is it possible for them to then go straight into full blown AIDS after? i ask this because i have a pink patch of skin on my arm, (i think that was caused by a burn, my mum is adamant she saw the piping hot food land on that section, and that she flicked it off). My concern was that it was a kaposi's sarcoma patch, but i have read that this is a very late stage infection most identifiable with full blown AIDS.

also can kaposi's sarcoma patches peel off? I itched the ' burn' in the shower which removed some skin and left a raw patch of pink skin that scabbed over. the scab fell off about 3 weeks later, leaving a patch of shiny pink skin ( that still hasn't quite healed another 3 weeks later) Does this sound like a scar, or kaposi's sarcoma? it's been 10 weeks since my exposure. surely i haven't got full blown AIDS?!



First off we no longer use the term "full blown AIDS," because in reality there is no such thing as "partially blown AIDS."

Briefly responding to your questions:

  1. No. HIVers do not progress immediately from ARS to AIDS.

  2. Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) lesions do not peel off. Your "pink patch" is not consistent with KS. It is worth noting that HIVers can develop KS at any point in their illness. The condition is often more severe, widespread and difficult to manage in the later stages of AIDS when the immune system is more deficient. See link below for more information on Kaposi's sarcoma.

Stop worrying. Unprotected oral sex without ejaculation carries only a remote risk for HIV transmission.

Dr. Bob

Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)