Hello, great forum, warm advice! Thanks

I know their will be no definitive answer to this question, but if you could give me the benefit of your experience....

  1. When symptoms of ARS appear, do they tend to be individual ie some mouth ulcers? or do they tend to be a combination ie fever, rash and mouth ulcers ?

I have found lots of information about what they symptoms are and what the frequency of each is but not whether they occur together.

My freak out is based on the fact that 4 weeks after a blow job where no sperm entered my mouth, I got 4 mouth ulcers and a swollen occipital lymph node. Does this mean anything? I know you can't say for sure...

Cheers Dr. Bob, sorry to be a pain!



  1. The symptoms are generally concurrent (occur around the same time).

  2. Oral sex carries only a very low risk for HIV acquisition. Your "symptoms" are not worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

Dr. Bob