ars rash or poison ivy???


i know this isn't the right forum but i was hoping that you could help me. could an ars rash appear on the face alone? for instance, a large circular plaque on the chin that is slightly raised with no bumps, a smaller area on the forehead consisting of tiny red bumps, and a small red spot on the neck that is flat? all areas were very itchy. this was accompanied by a fever of 99.1, though i did not feel feverish. i had had a very bad bout of poison ivyon my arms approximately 2 weeks earlier for which i was prescribed a 6-day cycle of prednisone. my gp stated that the rash on my face was the poison ivy remanifesting due to the prednisone not lasting long enough. however, i had not had any poison ivy on my face the first time. is what my gp said even possible??? tested neg. at 8 wks. and will test agian at 12. please let me know what you think. thanks so much.



Do I agree with your G.P.? Absolutely! What you describe is quite classic for poison ivy "contact dermatitis," which often spreads from place to place due to scratching or other "contact." Does it sound like HIV? Nope, not in the least.

Good luck with that 12-week test. You're current rash symptoms are not at all concerning for HIV!

Dr. Bob