Hi, I wanted to please ask you to evaluate a rash that I had at 6 weeks and 2 days after a potential exposure.

The rash was a square patch of red skin that did not hurt or itch. It was a single square patch that was located in my right forearm, around the middle of it. The skin was very sensitive and opened into a superficial wound when I passed my finger over it. After I took a shower I rubbed a towel over it and the wound opened more and formed a crust over it. It went away in a few days.

While the crust was still there though I was out in the sun and around the crust formed a pink allergy that itched. My derm said that it was probably a contact dermatitis or fungal rash. But she was not able to check the first rash as it had already gone away.

Do you think that these rashes resemble the ARS Rash (location, characteristics, timing of symptoms)?

Thank you for your time.


Hello there- No this sounds very consistent with what you dermatologist said- they would be the expert. If you remain concerned about HIV, get tested. Take care, LHW