ars rash


I have been experiencing these symptoms lately, one after another, not all together. Do symptoms of ARS appear this way? I first experienced some small pinkish blotches on my left leg which disappeared after a day. A bout of diarrhea followed which lasted for a few days, however which occured in the morning only. A series of intermittem headaches and neckache proceeded, after which the same rash which occured weeks before reappeared and went away after a day. the rash was small, pinkish and slightly raised and blotchy in appearance. Does this sound like ars rash, or do my symptoms sound like ars in the first place? All this occured about 7 months after exposure. Do ars appear that late? HOw long after ars symptoms will antibodies be detectable with the test?


HIV symptoms occur acutely after infection, within days, not months after exposure. Again the seroconversion period is usually early after exposure and the symptoms occur around the same time.