Is ARS cough contagious?


Hello Doc, I had case of hangnails as i picked my skin at nail roots. They were pretty fresh..i mean an hour or two fresh. At this time...I had an episode of fingering a prostitute. No sex and no kissing. At first I had dry cough and saw coated tongue and extremely worried. With in 4 weeks I had all the symptoms. Coated tongue, severe weight loss, severe dry cough, one swollen lymph node about pea size under my left arm, eye night sweats and fever though.

My question room mate too got severe dry cough after a month. At that time my cough was at its peak.

  1. Is ARS cough contagious? 2. What would you think about my exposure though hangnails and fingering?
  2. At what time of the infection would you see eye floates and kaposi's sarcoma sort of diseases?

Please answer this..I am really dying with anxiety. Can smoking causes these symptoms?



HIV is not transmitted through the air (it is not airborne), so a person is not at risk for HIV infection when a person with acute HIV infection coughs.

There is no evidence that HIV has ever been transmitted through fingering (even with hangnails). According to the CDC, HIV is only known to be sexually transmitted during anal, vaginal, and (MUCH less frequently) oral sex.

Finally, don't try to diagnose yourself based on the absence or presence of symptoms. If you are in fact at risk for infection, get tested at least three months after your last exposure.