Ars 3 months post exposure


Hello, I was wondering if I can get ARS 3 months post exposure if I took PEP or if it would happen in the general time frame. Also doctor frascino I had a cold a while ago my nose doesn't run on it's own but if I blow it wet stuff comes out. I'm so anxious that I dont know if that happens to all people when they blow their noses or if the cold still hasn't gone away. I'm not stuff nor am I coughing, my lungs are clear etc.

I took a 3 month test and it was negative but I'm still a mess.


Hello Still-A-Mess,

  1. ARS symptoms would not appear three months after an exposure! No way. No how. The only potential outcomes are as follows:

  2. Your exposure did not lead to viral transmission. Consequently, you were not infected. Therefore whether or not you took PEP, ARS symptoms would not develop.

  3. Your exposure did lead to viral transmission, but PEP aborted the infection. In this case, no ARS symptoms would develop.

  4. Your exposure did lead to viral transmission and PEP was not effective in preventing the infection. In this case, ARS symptoms would develop in the usual two-to-three-week period.

You really have no reason to still be a mess! Your three-month negative HIV test is extremely encouraging. The current post-PEP guidelines recommend one additional HIV-antibody test at the six-month mark for a definitive, WOO-HOO-able all-clear!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob