arab guy remember me


hi doc remember me arab guy i wrote to u in january i got the courage and i got tested my results are tomorrow i am very scared wish me luck even thow i might receavie the results before u receive this message my exposer was a woman giving me a blow job .thank u and i hopw u will respone.


Hey Arab guy,

Sure I remember you! Good luck karma sent overnight express! I remain confident you'll be WOO-HOOing very soon!!!

Dr. Bob

arab guy Jan 8, 2007

hi doc.first i want to wish u a happy new year doc i am in trouble i am a arab and u know arabs muslims are not sapose to have sex until they are married i live in the caribbean u know here sex is not a big deal before marriage now doc i am sapose to get married in augest this year to look for my wife but doc i have herpes for 4 years now i know this woman with herpes to she always tells me she wants to suck my dick because her husband does not like to be sucked and she likes to suck dick now doc i accepted but first i told her she had to do a hiv test first she did it for me she tested neg and i am neg to now doc a month later i am experiencen pin prick pains in my body swollen lymph nodes in my armpit that burns and neck and now doc i have a liitle rash on the side of my chest it is 3 inches long and 1 inch thick i know it is possible she has hiv and she tested neg doc i am scared if she gave me hiv my family are going to kill me i will be spit on and i will never be able to go back to the middle east and i can not get married again doc i am scared tell me what to do i will send a donation to please doc help me.thank u and i hope u will respone.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Arab-Guy,

If Arab Muslims are not supposed to have sex until they are married, how come so many of them write to me with questions and worries pertaining to recent sexual experiences? Perhaps it's time you and other Arab Muslims who have some common sense and normal sexual appetites begin to advocate for change back home. Sex is normal. Sex is healthy. Sex should not be repressed or made to be a taboo! If someone chooses to remain abstinent, that should be a personal choice, not one dictated by religion or governmental policy! I would also suggest you begin a campaign to liberalize attitudes about HIV disease. Comments, like "if she gave me HIV, my family are going to kill me. I will be spit on. I will never be able to go back to the middle east . . . ," are quite chilling.

Next, you found a woman who wanted to "suck (your) dick because her husband does not like to be sucked and she likes to suck dick????" Hmmm . . . now there's a switch. Most husbands have to beg their wives and/or girlfriends for some tonsil hockey action on their joy stick.

Your HIV risk is so remote as to be nearly nonexistent. Oral sex, in general, carries only a very slight risk of HIV transmission and both you and your dick-licker-lover tested HIV negative. Your "symptoms" are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Relax, Arab-Guy. HIV is not your problem. If you remain worried, get another HIV test at the three-month mark to put any residual fears permanently to rest, OK?

Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at The Foundation's address is:

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation 1000 Fremont Ave., Suite 145 Los Altos, CA 94024

Be well, Arab-Guy, and do try to effect a change in the archaic attitudes about sex and HIV in your homeland, OK?

Dr. Bob