appendicitis and hiv


Dr Bob,

Thanks for this forum as is has helped ease my paaranoia and pain. I'll make it short and sweet. Back in July 1 I attended a bachelor party and had a one time insertive vaginal episode with a woman i suspect may be HIV +. I used a condom and dont remember it broke. When we were done i even filled it with water and it looked like a balloon 156 Days later (december 3) I tested negative via Elisa/EIA. just two days ago (Jan 1, 2006) i went to the ER with stomach pain and was diagnosed with appendicitis. My WBC count was @ 18. I am freacking out because I read that hiv+ people are 4 times as likely to get appendicitis than others. My doctor says there are not linked at all and that appendicitis is not a sympton of hiv. He told me I already tested negattive and there is no need to retest. Your insight is greatly appreciated. donation coming for anything that will make me smile!!!! Going crazy Cincinnati boy


Hello Cincinnati-Boy,

Having spent four years in Cincinnati in the 1970s, I would guess that the City's famous chili is more related to your bout of appendicitis than HIV. Relax, Dude. Your negative six-month HIV test is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. Additional HIV testing is not warranted.

Now, I have a question for you. Your post states, "When we were done I even filled it with water and it looked like a balloon 156 days later . . . ." either you forgot a period in that sentence or your testing period for your used condoms is way over the top.

Thanks for your donation ( Now stop worrying about an illness you could not possibly have, OK?

Stay safe. Stay well. Eat chili.

Dr. Bob