Dear Dr. bob,

Please accept my heartfelt and sincere apology for the ignorant statement regarding being "clean." I never meant to offend or insult you or any HIV positive person. You have no idea how much respect and admire you and the work you do to help others. You trully are an amazing person. Thank you for taking time to answer my question. I wish you the very best Dr. Bob and my god keep you and your entire family safe in his loving arms.

Sincerly, LM


Hello, LM.

Apology accepted on behalf of all! Stigma remains a major issue for HIVers and is a deterrent for HIV testing which further harms our HIV prevention efforts. Living with HIV is challenging enough without HIVers being made to feel their touch is toxic. I certainly realized you meant no harm, and I mentioned the issue mainly as a point of education.

Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes. And thank you for allowing me this "teachable moment." I'm hopeful others reading this post will benefit from the discussion.

Be well.

Dr. Bob

really scared Jul 19, 2011