Very anxious for I guess nothing....


Hi doctor, I have a question for you. I post this question on medhelp and Dr handsfield answer me that my fear of HIV is irrationnal that the exposure I describe cannot give me HIV and on a french site (sida info service), they told me that is impossible to have HIV for this event. I am very anxious and hypochondriac and internet is full of mysinformation (I have to close my computer). If its possible, I want to have your opinion please. I know its the third site I write but i'm very anxious.

The event is:

First of all, i want to appologise for my English. I'm from Quebec and french is my principal language. I already know the answer but, i want to have your expert opinion.

Last year, at the end of june, I go for a massage. She is a professionnal massotherapist but she gave me a handjob . She remove her t-shirt and bra. At this time, she told me I can't lick her breast because she lactating her one year and half daughter. That's ok for me. She remove her clothes and keep her g-string on.

I just play a bit with her breast and not her nipple for not "exit" milk. I don't touch her vagina, only breast and butt.

The question: I bite my fingernails, i have some cuticles on my fingers. I don't bleed at this moment. When I play with her breast, do I take a risk for HIV because she's lactating? When she remove her clothes, if she have some milk on her hands and masturbate me after, it is a risk for HIV? I shaved my genital maybe 2 hours before my appointment, it is a risk with this event? I look on internet for some spots I have on the base of my penis, it's look like hpv and it's make a few years they are there. My family doctor don't bother with that. It is that or not???? i don't know.

2 month after, i had smalls ulcers in the mouth. I read on the internet that mouth ulcer can be a ARS symptom ( i am hypochondriac and cyberchondriac). It's the only thing I have (no fever, flu or nothing else). I already had some ulcer in mouth before. I was very stressed in this time because I go for 2 months parental leave and my salary was cut for 50% for that period. Also, I was a little bit deshydrated a couple of day before my ulcer. My dentist told me dry mouth and stress can cause mouth.

I see a psychologist for my cyberchondry ( I work on this problem but its hard...) She laugh when i told her my fear for this event. She told me I have take no risk. My wife know this event and she don't stress with that...Damn hypochondry...

I ask also Dr Handsfield if a drop of milk go on a wound on my finger, because nail biting, if its a risk for hiv and he told me no, it is not a risk and I can move on without worry about hiv.

Thank you for your answer and your time doctor. Its very appreciated.


Hello there I agree completely with the other experts you have discussed this with. There is no risk for HIV with the events you describe. Hopefully this can help put your anxiety at ease and that you can also find a provider to work on your anxiety with that does not laugh at your problems but works to help you feel better. Take care, DR W