does anxiety cause chills and sweats


Hi..Let me explain what happened. I never has sex and never touched a Vagina till then. I had been to Vegas and called an escort from the various services. I out of tension bite of my nails. At this one instance, I think I bit of a little portion of my skin too.. I think a little peeled off. Then after half an hour.. she was there and I encouraged for a lap dance and I fingered her..I donot know which finger was that too. I doubt if I had my finger for more than 2 mins. After that I started to think more of it.. I get chills and sweat beacuse of that.. when I donot think anything.. i am fine.. This has been 2 weeks now. When does one start to sweat like this/get chills like this. I dont have any swollen nodes, rashes. Please help me with this. I am dead scared.. Thanks


This is really a question about risk of HIV transmission, not a workplace question. Please resubmit it to the transmission section of this website.