Anxiety Attack Please Help?!


Hey there Ryan,

 About 6 months ago I had an Oral sex encounter (Recieved and Gave Unprotected) with a person of unknown HIV status, I had shaved my face earlier that day with no visible cuts or scrathes but other then that I'm pretty sure there were no other sores in my mouth.  I had Flu like syptoms (Nausea, Fever)almost imediately after the encounter for about 2 days, then nothing for about three months, then my throat swelled and was sore for about three weeks, it ended up being a bacterial infection and went away after antibiotics.
 After a little over four months since the experience I gave blood to the red cross not even thinking about the encounter until after I gave blood got me thinking about my risk for HIV Now I am woried sick about it and feel every syptom of ARS, Sweating at night, tingling in my Hands, etc .  What is my risk for HIV infection?  Was the Blood Donorship at 4 months after the encounter with no Contact From the red Cross a good sign that I am HIV Negative?

Thank you in advance for your prompt Attention!!!!


About the blood donation: not hearing anything from the Red Cross after donating blood is a good thing, but should not be the basis for a definitive diagnosis on your HIV status. Rely on receiving an actual antibody test for that.

I'm not sure if your oral sex encounter was with a male or female, which makes some difference in terms of risk, but not that much since all oral sex activity is considered low-risk. There are only a few CDC documented cases of transmission through performing oral sex on a woman (see
Cunnilingus). There are more documented cases of transmission through fellatio, but the numbers remain small, and most studies conducted about the risk of transmision through fellatio demonstrate a small, if any, risk.

It is highly unlikely that you would experience symptoms related to primary infection immediately after exposure. Try not to determine your status based on symptoms. You'll make your anxiety even worse.

Get tested if you feel like you need to three or more months after exposure. If your anxiety persists, try to talk with a professional in person about your worries.