was on anti depressant(citalopram) for two years and was drinking alcohol in the same two years time, before i got tested. WIll that effect my HIV test result or any other STD test results.


Dear Dr. Conway

I had an exposure, and due to the stress, I was on an antidepressant(citalopram 20 mg everyday) and I was also drinking alcohol everyday again because of the stress. In the morning I used to take citalopram 20 mg everyday and in the evening i used to drink alcohol(mostly beer). I was doing like this for two years and after two years I got tested for HIV and all other STD's.

All the results came negative. HIV-1, HIV-2 by standard ELISA, HSV-1, HSV-2, Hep B, Hep I was so happy at that time.

Lately I was thinking about the past and my question is will a combination of a depressant(alcohol) and an anti depressant(citalopram 20 mg) for two years and Lorazepam (for just for four days, 1.0 mg everyday), just before the test affect the results in anyway? I mean do you think I got a false negative. Please help.


None of the drugs you are taking (and no drugs that I know of) have any effect on the HIV antibody test results. I would say the same thing about any of the other tests you have undergone. If the results were negative (for HIV-1 and everything else), you can definitely rely on them.