Tnank you, the author of WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SYMPTOMS... ! Your detailed story is giving some hope, really. Although I am not from the USA, currently I live in Holland, and originally I'm from Russia, I did found this web site to be very helpful (actually I received a link to from the web site.) Dr. Frascino sounds very realistic, without a false hope, so I appreciate his answers very much. Personally, I can say that I have all the sympthoms concerning my throat, neck, and lymph nodes. After 3 months i'm hiv negative, still doing blood tests after 3.5 months. So, 3.5 months ago I had sex with a prostitute in a dutch public house with condoms. She was changing the condoms, we were changing positions. So I had no control over the condoms. Since 3.5 months, I still have sympthoms: bad sensations in my tongue and throat. Elevated temperature for more than 1 month (37.3 C). I still have an irritation on my penis (just on the exit from the urethra). But still I have some hope. Thank you, Dr. Frascino.



You're welcome. There are many medical conditions other than HIV that can cause symptoms like the ones you are experiencing. Remember, a negative HIV test trumps symptoms each and every time! To perseverate on an illness you could not possibly have will only delay your true diagnosis and recovery.

Good luck. I'll reprint the question you reference below.

Dr. Bob


Hello Dr., I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. I am a 24 year male. I had UNPROTECTED SEX with a female I met on the internet. Yes, UNPROTECTED, no protection at all. I must admit, it is by far the stupidest thing I have ever done. At time I was not thinking and I did not know anything about STD's let alone HIV, it all seemed like a myth to me at that time. I was very depressed from work and my family, was going through a real rough time in my life. I met this girl online and decided to meet her in person, I never seen a picture of her but when we met in person I was amazed, very amazed. She was very good looking, so ofcourse I got to know her better. The first day we met we did alot of making out and foreplay, she made me feel good. Second day we had unprotected sex. I dont know what the hell I was thinking, I just couldnt believe I would be able to have sex with this girl so one thing led to another, and we did it. I went home real happy not even thinking about it. A week later I called her and the question of sex partners came up, she told me she slept with 16 men before me, she claimed I was the first one she did it with unprotected. Ofcourse I that point I stopped being naive and didnt believe her. A few days later I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, in a cold sweat for about 4 days in a row very bad. A week later I started getting some purple rashes on my thighs, and rashes on my hands. A few days later my throat become so soar that I had to stop my car and run in a gas station to ask for a drink. A few days later I had a bloody stool. Then I was really getting scared because that was not normal. It got worse, I started seeing bumps growing on my penis, all over my penis then I knew this was an std. I really began to panic, 24/7 worrying about whats happening to me. I researched my symptoms online and my heart stopped, they all matched some deadly diseases. I ran across HIV and AIDS but ignored them because I thought it was a disease no one really gets. I tried to do easiest thing for myself after that to avoid going crazy, I just ignored it. A few days later as I was walking I couldnt see in from of me temporarily, it was like a flash in my eyes, it was real scary. I couldnt see a thing or move until a sat on the floor for a few minutes. A few days later my muscles would start hurting and I would get a tingly feeling on my toes when I was in bed or on my fingers at work. Then I started getting a small pain in my penis. It got worse, I began to get real tired, for no reason. People would ask my why im always so tired, I knew it was the HIV virus killing me slowly. It got worse, my tongue had a very ugly white coating, I mean it looked so nasty in my mouth. My tongue was just white/grayish, extremely scary Id cry when I opened my mouth. Above my lips Id also get a small white coating. Then my hair would always have white, looked like lice even when I cleaned it. I started getting extreme cases of diarrhea, I drove home one day and I really could not believe how bad the diarrhea got. I parked my car to run into a restaurant to use the washroom but it was too late, I shit on myself. I cried alot because I couldnt help it. That night I didnt sleep at all, I thought back to how I had sex with this girl, thinking it was the best that happen to me but as life has it I paid an unimaginable price, HIV. At this point I did not question wheter I had the virus or not, I knew I did. I read posts here with people who touched a condom or got a massage and believe they had HIV but turned out to be negative, that didnt help me though because I had UNPROTECTED sex, the real thing the highest risk! I knew I was screwed, and all I did is cry and cry. I thought about my family, what they would think. How I let everyone down, how I wanted to achive so much how I took it all for granted. If I can rid myself of this virus I thought I wouldnt ask for anything else, Id be willing to live poor, ugly, unhappy, anything. I kept thinking how people I felt sorry for in fact had it good, just because they have life. You really cant ask for more in your life other than to be alive, anything else would be asking for too much. But, what did I care, it was too late for me I shouldve figured that out before being depressed for stupid reasons like work. Many months went by and ofcourse it got worse. More and more I started looking like a very sick person, eyes all red, skin changing color, purple spots all over, very sensitive body even if I bumped a desk I would fall cause it would hurt so much. All I did day and night was look at symptoms of HIV and not believe what has happened to me. After a while everyone noticed something was very wrong with me, asking me why I looked this way or why Im always tired it started being too much. I was ready to tell them the truth, and then go far away so I can be alone feeling sorry for myself. One thing about me though, I didnt grow up with much and was not the type of person to feel sorry for myself, but with this disease I couldnt win, I gave up. When my life got to the point that is was literally not even worth living like this, I thought to myself even if I have the virus it wont be so bad, because living like this is hell on earth, im going to get checked and see what it leads too. Well, saying was alot easier than doing it ofcourse. I researched for a whole month on where I can go to get tested. I needed something anonymous, quick, and very simple. I found a service that tests you and gives you your result on the phone. I went and finally got tested. The night before I didnt sleep, I couldnt believe I was going to get tested to see if I had HIV, that was crazy to me, but it was reality. I got tested, to my suprise it was a 10 minute thing, in and out. A week later the results came in, I got an email saying the results are in and I must call to get them. I swear, I have never ever been as scared about anything in my life as that. I was at work when I got the email and I couldnt wait to find out. I ran out of work, went around the corner sat on a bench and called. After confirming my pin he put me on hold to get my results. I cried, I cried so much the phone fell out of my hands twice. I couldnt believe it, now Im going to confirm I have HIV and now im done. What a life! I couldnt believe it, while I was on hold I thought about everything in my life, where I grew up, my parents, my teachers, coworkers, lovers, everything in life and how I risked it over unprotected sex. Why didnt I just use a condomn, why!!!! Well he came back on and confirmed my pin number, and my date of birth. Then he said "ok, this is definitely you. The results for your test came up negative". I said what? Did you say negative? What? He said yes, we use the most comprehensive exams, you are definitely negative. I cried, and thanked him so much. I couldnt believe it, when I hung up I walked onto another earth it seemed, the light of day was so much brither, the skies cleared up, the streets where cleaner it was a whole other life. I walked into work with the biggest smile on my face. The happiness after that is beyond words, you cannot imagine. I felt so good for a few months, and Im ashamed to say now that a few months later I still had the same symptoms of have. 6 months later I realized that getting a test by pin number and age is messed up, because they can easily mix up your records, at least thats what I believed because my symptoms are extreme. I have everything, so there is no way I dont have the disease, that would just be stupid for me to think. Why lie to myself? Again, I got very deppressed, cried alot and knew that I cant get my old life back, im in ruins. This virus is in my body, and spreading everyday, more noticeable each day. Then again I got sick of my life and actually came across a great idea. I looked up an STD specialist, a doctor that specializes in STD's. Now, those doctors see this everyday so I can get a straight answer there. I got tested for most diseases, including HIV. In the testing room I seen a few people that where being tested for HIV as well as some people who where positive, so it really hit home after being in the presence of a group of people in the same boat as me. I seen a businessman in a suit, a college student, etc. Very normal people, like me. Well I seen the doctor, he talked to me for a bit and examined the bumps on my penis, felt different bumps around my body, and then took some urine and blood. I came back a week later for the results. He told me "Listen to me carefully. I tested you for some of the most common diseases, not all of them but most of them we can test anyone for every single disease. You must listen to me closely though, I also tested you for HIV. You are NEGATIVE! You are NEGATIVE! You are NEGATIVE! Please believe it, im a doctor and im telling you there is no way you have it. All your tests came out negative, your a healthy young man. Please stop wasting your days on this, go enjoy your life." Now, when a doctor tells you that, you just feel like dancing. Now, this time I really knew I was negative! That night, I didnt sleep. Not because of being worried, but just for being thankful. I wanted to see the sun come up, I wanted a new begginning. Until this day, I read peoples stories and think well that sounds familiar maybe I have that? But, after hearing the doctor, Im confident that I am negative. I will never ever have unprotected sex either, that just isnt worth it. To everyone reading this and worrying about their health, please take my advice. I had more symptoms than you did, alot more that I assure you. I took a greater risk than you, much greater. As it turns out though, IM NEGATIVE! Can you believe it? I do, becaue I got tested. Go get tested, its the only way out of this. There is no other way, symptoms are illusions, EVERYONE gets fevers, pains, and bumps, not just people with HIV. HIV is something inside of you, not outside. You must go get tested to truly know. The odds are very very much in your favor that you dont have HIV, you have a better chance of getting killed by an asteroid than having HIV. Go find out, odds are you dont have it. Its the single best thing you can do for yourself today. You wont regret, thats for sure.

Dr. Frascino, your an Angel to people that need your help. I have a feeling your going to be taken care of somehow, I think everyone with HIV will. I know you dont believe it, but Im confident. In your lifetime, you will see a cure. One day you will say I told you so.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Thanks for taking the time to write in such an exquisitely detailed account of your experience. I must admit I was shocked to read two of your statements:

  1. ". . . and I did not know anything about STDs let alone HIV, it all seemed like a myth to me at that time."

  2. "I ran across HIV and AIDS but ignored them because I thought it was a disease no one really gets."

Considering the AIDS pandemic has been snuffing out lives for the past 25 years (25 million and counting!) and that there are over 40,000,000 of us living with the virus today, your comments painfully demonstrate the tragic failure of our current sex education and AIDS awareness/prevention programs!

I'm delighted you dodged the HIV bullet and understand the potential catastrophic consequences of HIV/AIDS. I hope you now will "pay it forward." That means you'll do everything you can to educate friends, family and acquaintances about HIV/AIDS and advocate for sound scientific sex education in our schools.

WOO-HOO! Congrats!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob