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Hello My Doctor Bob. I hope you are doing wonderfully. Just wanted to know what you thought of this article I found online (although I am sure you will be as upset as me) Is there anything that you (although I know you are super optimistic always)are really excited about that people like us may look forward to? Anything promising? I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and YOU CONTINUE TO REMAIN MY DOCTOR, MY BROTHER, MY FRIEND... Mommy of Three

The Bob Beck Protocol (100% Cure)

Bob Beck did not discover this protocol; two medical doctors, a Dr. Lyman and a Dr. Kaali, discovered the protocol in 1990. Had there been any integrity in medicine, their discovery would have eradicated AIDS from the planet earth before over 30 million AIDS victims died.

However, their discovery was immediately shut down in 1991 when they went public. Their discovery was suppressed by the orthodox medicine they worked for. While they did shut down information about the treatment temporarily, for various reasons, it is now highly public information, especially in the patent office.

Bob Beck found out about the Kaali and Lyman treatment, and being a PhD in physics, and being a long-time expert in electromedicine, immediately jumped on the treatment. He had to hire a private investigator to track down the original research article!

One thing that must be understood about this protocol is that NO OTHER orthodox or alternative treatment for AIDS, including chlorine dioxide, can be used on the same days as the complete Bob Beck Protocol.

Here is a quote from Bob Beck on this issue:

"First, for several days prior to starting this program [and during the program], you must avoid ingesting anything containing medicinal herbs, foreign or domestic, or potentially toxic medication, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, laxatives, tonics, garlic and certain potentially toxic vitamins, because blood electrification will cause electroporation, ..., which is lethal. You can read "Electroporation, A General Phenomenon for Manipulating Cells and Tissues," by J.C. Weaver, Journal of Cellular Biology, Book 51, page 426 (1993), Harvard/MIT. Both the magnetic pulser and the blood purifier can cause electroporation [Interview with Dr. Beck, 1997]."

What this means is that the Bob Beck Protocol must be used by itself.

  1. No orthodox treatments for AIDS - NONE,
  2. No alternative treatments for AIDS - NONE,
  3. No prescription drugs - NONE,
  4. No pain killers - NONE,
  5. No herbs,
  6. No garlic !! (especially no garlic)
  7. No over-the-counter medications (e.g. no aspirin),
  8. No vitamins (especially no vitamin A),
  9. NOT for Pregnant Women,
  10. NO alcohol or "recreational" drugs, coffee, tea, etc.
  11. NO smoking,
  12. NO pacemakers,
  13. etc. etc.

These restrictions create a potential problem for AIDS patients. When an AIDS patient stops taking their AZT, etc. their viral levels quickly skyrocket, going far higher than their viral levels prior to starting their orthodox treatment. What this means is that these treatments should not be stopped until 2 or 3 days before the Bob Beck Protocol is started.

That is such an important concept, it will be stated a different way: Once you stop taking your prescription drugs for AIDS, do not wait more than two days before starting the Bob Beck Protocol.

To repeat it again, do NOT stop your orthodox treatment for AIDS until you have all of the Bob Beck equipment and are ready to start the treatment. Then, stop the orthodox treatment, wait for 2 or 3 days at most, and THEN AND ONLY THEN, start the Bob Beck Protocol.

For this reason it is critical to use the chlorine dioxide treatment prior to using the Bob Beck Protocol. The chlorine dioxide may completely cure your AIDS, but as a minimum it will knock viral levels down to virtually nothing so you can start the Bob Beck Protocol.

The Bob Beck Protocol will eliminate any remaining microbes (if any) in a person's body within 4 to 6 weeks. First, it will stop them from breeding, then the body will eliminate them safely. The reason the treatment must be used for four to six weeks is that the AIDS viruses which are inside of cells, and are multiplying, do not float through the blood, and thus may not be disabled until they kill their host cell and then float through the blood. In other words, the AIDS viruses are not all in the blood at the same time.

If you cannot avoid being on prescription drugs, after taking the chlorine dioxide, then keep using the chlorine dioxide until you can get off of all prescription drugs.

KEY COMMENT: Regardless of anything you have read or heard, even from Bob Beck videos, do NOT use this treatment for less than four to six weeks!!!

Final Comments on the Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol has been used very successfully against AIDS, Hepatitis C, and many other virus related diseases. It has beyond any doubt the most evidence for it for AIDS.

The Bob Beck Protocol was not designed to directly kill the AIDS virus, what it was designed to do is make the AIDS virus unable to attach to cells. In other words, it stops them from breeding and thus makes them harmless until the body gets rid of them. It is a TRUE cure for AIDS.

By purchasing a second Blood Electrification device, several AIDS patients can use the Bob Beck Protocol at the same time. The Blood Electrification device needs to be worn for a couple of hours a day by each AIDS patient. However, after the 4 to 6 week treatment is finished, it would be good to wear it 24 hours a day for 2 days. This is why two Blood Electrification devices are needed to treat multiple patients so they can rotate the 24 hour periods.

For detailed information about how to use the Bob Beck Protocol, see the cancer article on this website which discusses the Bob Beck Protocol. Also, in the links at the bottom of that article are very important websites. Two of these websites are videos of Bob Beck Lectures and the bottom link is a demonstration on how to use the equipment.

It is absolutely critical to read the articles linked to in the cancer article, and to buy the pamphlet "A First Aid Kit of the Future - The Beck Protocol" in order to SAFELY use this treatment!!

Please link to the use of the Bob Beck Protocol for cancer patients for more information on the treatment: Bob Beck Protocol for Cancer - More Details!!


Hi, Mommy of Three.

I've discussed the Robert Beck "SCAM" (So-Called Alternative Medicine) "cure" for AIDS a number of times over the years. See link below. My opinion of this nonsense hasn't changed.

As for a real cure, things are definitely looking up. Last Monday the National Institutes of Health announced it was granting an additional $70 million toward research into an AIDS cure over the next five years. This constitutes a 75% increase over previous planned spending! Check out my three-part blog "The Search for a Cure Heats Up." It can be easily accessed on The Body's homepage. So hang in there, Mommy of Three, and let's both be there for the cure, okay?

Dr. Bob

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