PWN-USA Policy Fellows

We are thrilled to be launching the PWN-USA Policy Fellows, an inaugural program to build the policy leadership bench for women, including women of trans experience, directly impacted by the epidemic and historically underrepresented in the federal health policy advocacy arena. The program kicks off on April 7 when Fellows will embark on a yearlong training, where they will develop skills in policy analysis, research, coalition and relationship building as emerging leaders in the field. For more information on the program, click here. To read the Fellows' bios, click here.

A huge congratulations to the new PWN-USA Policy Fellows!

Thandi Harris (CA)
Angela Hawkins (TX)
Chunnika Hodges (MI)
Stacy Jennings (SC)
Andrea Johnson (TX)
Shyronn Jones (GA)
Kamaria Laffrey (FL)
Arianna Lint (FL)
Tiommi Luckett (PA)
Danielle Pleasant (DC)
Teresa Sullivan (PA)
Evany Turk (TX)
Brandi Velazquez (OR)