Angular Cheilitis


I have angular cheilitis on one side of my mouth. My CD4 is at 550 though. I thought only opportunistic infections like this occurred in people with full blown AIDS? I am applying topical hydroxalone. Is it better to use nystatin or zovirax (acyclovir) or something else. I have a compulsive licking action on that side also. Could that be causing it. Is it true that I must have copious amounts of fungus or virus in my mouth associated with the HIV which I am transferring with my tongue. Can you test for fungus or virus in the mouth?




Local hydration/mechanical irritation issues, vitamin deficiencies, fungal or viral infections can contribute to cracking/irritation in the angles of the mouth. Angular cheilitis can be seen in the general population but is more common in HIV + persons. YOur HIV specialist often can find an effective treatment. Seeing a dentist sometimes can help define the cause and treatment plan. Vitamin supplements and antifungal ointments help some patients. KH