Androgel Has Opposite Effect?


Three months ago, an artery burst in my intestines and I nearly died. I have been anemic (very weak and tired) since then, and have been taking Iron (for 3 months) and Androgel (the last 3 weeks). My last blood work showed that all blood levels were great except for one surprise. After taking Androgel 5 mg for 3 weeks, my testosterone level went down from 290 to 216! How could that possibly happen? Thanks, Ron


Hi Ron,

Total testosterone levels do vary somewhat from day to day and even within one day. They can also be affected by certain medications and underlying medical problems. I would suggest you have your HIV doctor check your "free testosterone" level. If your value is low for age-matched controls while you are on 5 mg of AndroGel daily, your dose should be increased to 10 mg per day and the level rechecked in 4-6 weeks.

Don't worry, Ron. Boosting your testosterone and hemoglobin levels back into their normal ranges is a snap compared to treating your ruptured aneurysm!

Good luck!

Dr. Bob