Androgel Not Working


Hi Dr. Bob - You have answered some questions from me before and you've been such a great help. I hope you can help me this time. I was extremely fatigued and achy for months. My Dr. found my testosterone was low and put me on Androgel (1 gel pack twice a day). I have been on Androgel for 5 months now and while I feel better, my testosterone is still on the low side of normal - 266 is the average. I'm seeing my Dr. in a couple of weeks, but wanted to get your input as well. Can I increase to 3 packs a day? Should I be putting the gel on my testicles instead of my belly? Thanks!! Alex


Hey Alex,

Glad youre feeling better! Yes, if your testosterone level is still on the low side, you may well need to boost your dose to 3 packets per day. But, check with your doctor first. Hes the one who will need to write the prescription for the increased dose. No, do not apply the gel to your testicles. Thats not how this product works. The gel is designed to be absorbed through the skin, and applied to hairless areas of your body abdomen, shoulders, etc. Applying it directly to Sergeant Harold and the Boys will not make them stand at attention any more efficiently. Follow the directions that come with each box of the gel packs. You should see further improvement in your symptoms as your testosterone levels hit the mid- to upper mid-level range. Stay well. Dr. Bob