Androgel Cycling


Thanks for all your help. You are the best. I have been on androgel for 18 months. Is there value to my cycling off it? It has been an incrediable help with fatigue and weight gain (and sex drive!) How best should I do that? Thanks.



Assuming you are taking AndroGel for hypogonadism (documented low testosterone), and not to be king of the muscle-stud-gym-bunnies (that's my job), then there really is no reason for you to cycle off. Cycling is used by body builders who are using "juice" solely to pump up - not because they have any deficiency of their naturally produced testosterone. They cycle off and on, hoping to avoid having their nuts shrink and to allow their testosterone- induced acne clear up. Big pecs and small balls is not always such a great trade off. Here's what's happening. If you give your system testosterone as a supplement (like AndroGel), your body's own testosterone-making mechanism asks, "Why should I bother making this stuff?" and turns its own testosterone factory off. The trouble is that sometimes the factory never turns back on again. That's why gym bunnies cycle on and off. They don't want their body's own testosterone factories (primarily located in the balls) to go out of business.

OK, so back to you. So if your system already isn't making as much testosterone as it should (hypogonadism), and you've been supplementing successfully with AndroGel, then there is really no need to consider stopping or even cycling. Since you've had a dramatic improvement (fatigue down, weight and Mr. Happy "up"), then I'm assuming you were indeed hypogonadal when you started treatment. Medical reasons to consider stopping therapy would include prostate cancer or certain liver problems, but if your HIV specialist says you're doing fine on AndroGel, I wouldn't mess with success. By the way, I've been on AndroGel for over 18 months, and have no plans to stop! See you at the gym.

Hope that helps. Stay well.

Dr. Bob