Andro Gel follow up


What is this Vit. T supplement you mentioned? Is this something I get fromt he doc. , is it in the andro gel or seperate? Do you like the Andro gel or the injections it the same thing. Thanks alot..hope you had a GREAT NEW YEARS



I was just trying to be clever by using "vit-T" as shorthand for testosterone. Testosterone supplements all require a prescription from a physician. I prefer the gel formulation (AndroGel or similar products) to injections, because they are more physiologic. In other words, it's more like what the body is used to having a small amount of testosterone every day. The injections give a walloping dose, which sends the blood levels up quite high. These levels then drift down, often to below normal ranges before the next injection a week or two later. The shots also tend to be painful and they require a visit to the physician's office. On the upside, if you time those injections just right and your testosterone levels shoot way up, you could have a real Don Juan type of weekend (i.e. your libido and everything else could shoot way up as well!) However, I still very much prefer the convenience and safety of the daily self-applied products.

Happy New Year to you as well.

Dr. Bob