Are anal warts a good sign that a person has HIV?


I was recently diagnosed w/ anal warts(actually, just one) I had receptive anal sex w/ a condom and no ejaculation, however my partner did finger and lick my ass before inserting his penis in it. He says he is HIV negative but someone told me that anal warts are a good sign that a person has I'm super scared. I will go for a test soon, but have to wait several weeks before it's accurate. is HPV indicative of HIV? I thought I was being safe w/ the condom and everything. thanks.


Both HIV+ and HIV- folks can get HPV infection (human papillomavirus, wart virus) and the anal warts caused by this virus. Although it is true that HIV-positive patients tend to get HPV infection and warts more frequently than HIV-negative folks, many many of the HPV infected patients we see are HIV NEGATIVE. I'm glad that you are going to be tested for HIV; that's the correct thing to do. Given that your partner used a condom, your likelihood of being HIV-positive from that one exposure is small.