Anal warts causation & post-surgery effects


Last week, I underwent surgery to remove "quite a few" internal & external anal warts which I really never understood came about (3 doctors had 3 different conclusions, but all agreed that years of active barebacking with multiple partners was probably the cause.) I was informed that I would be in "moderate" pain 2-3 days after the surgery...moderate does not describe the excruciating pain & agony that I have had to endure after every bowel movement where I immediately have to jump into a bathtub of warm water for 20-30 minutes in agony waiting for the increbible seering pain to go away. It has been a week since the surgery and the seering pain continues after every bowel movement leaving me so pained that if I had a gun, I would have killed myself on Day 1 after the surgery - the pain was that bad. I am taking 1.5 Vicodins every 3 hours, along with numerous Aleve pills and have even spread Dubocaine on the inflamed areas to try to deaden the area before a bowel movement (against the advice of my doctor who says, in order to heal, I cannot apply any creams or lotions to the area where he performed the surgery). I have gone so far as to try to limit what I eat so not to have more than 1 bowel movement a day - to avoid the pain I know will result. Please tell me...when can I expect to be able to sit on the commode and take a pain-free dump...this is maddening...and trust me...if the damn warts return, I'm checking out of this world. I won't submit to this ordeal again... is there anything I can do to end this torture? Thank you for any assistance.



Unfortunately I can't give you specific advice, as I have no way of knowing exactly how extensive your warts were or how extensive the surgery was that you had to ablate them. It is true that the post-surgical period can be, shall we say, "a royal pain in the ass?" Exactly how long this discomfort lasts is variable and related to the extent of the disease process and surgical intervention. However, in general, you should be feeling significantly better after a full week. If the "excruciating agony" isn't subsiding, you should contact your surgeon to see if there may be a complication from the surgery. You can also discuss pain control with him. Yes, there are ways to make the "torture" more bearable during the recovery process.

Finally, yes, years of barebacking is indeed a high-risk situation for HPV, the virus that causes anal warts, as well as a wide variety of other STDs, including HIV. BBB! That means Bare Backers Beware!

Good luck. If you don't want to "submit to this ordeal" ever again, don't place yourself at risk!

Dr. Bob