Anal touching - I pray not with blood!


Hi dr bob,

Great sight, I am concerned about a potential exposure. A couple months ago I went for a massage, erotic in nature though no oral, anal or vaginal sex occured. The massage was for the most part uneventful. I glanced at the women's hands to check for signs of blood or cuts, and I saw none. The only sexual thing to happen was the lady played with my balls and lightly grazed against the perianal skin. She did not insert her finger in my anus. The women massaged my front, all the while I did not notice anything unusual. After the massage was over the massuese (who speaks little english - Chinese) took out a towell and it had a red streak bright in color, she looked at with some confusion - I asked her if she knew where the streak came from, she said "I don't know." she sounded a little upset and suprised. I asked to looked at her hands, agAin no signs of blood , or scratches. I finally checked a third time, nothing.

Btw the blood on the towel was dry to the touch, but still bright red but definitely dry.

My problem? What if I missed something? I gave a cursory look over my body after(but not my anal area) for signs of blood. I keep thinking, what if some blood from her finger came in touch with skin near my anus. I have no fissures, no fitulas , no bleeding, had an external hemorrhoid but it hasn't bleed in months. All in all I never scratch my ass, as I am very clean. I keep reading about HIV going through micotears, I hope to god I didn't and I hope to god that wasn't her blood.

I was told by some folks no risk, but I broke out in a itchy rash right around the waistband on underwear, no other symptoms. The itchiness and rash went away after 3 days but came back a coulpe weeks later - could be contact dermititis. My skin is dry and it is cold.

Would HIV go through microtears on the anal skin, not the canal outside the body.

If she cut herself, wiped her hand on the towell, would any residual bleeding, presumably small have HIV die quickly as it is exposed to air?

Can blood be bright and dry on a towel and not necessarily fresh? Blood on surfaces tends to become brownish in my experience...

Rash - mean anything?

Thanks tommy

a 40 dollar donation to you for your help


Hello Tommy,

Your fears are unwarranted. Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. Stop worrying.

Dr. Bob