Is anal sex ok with a woman that has HIV/AIDS


I am interested in a woman who has HIV/AIDS. She wants to have anal sex not vaginal sex and that is fine with me. Her disease is not active or full blown. Is it all right to have anal sex with her if we take it slow and easy and use lots of K-Y liquid? And can we do it without a condom or is it too risky?



Let me clarify a few points for you:

  1. There is no such thing as an HIV infection that is "not active."

  2. We don't use the term "full blown AIDS," because there is no such thing as "partially blown AIDS."

  3. Unprotected anal sex is the riskiest of all sexual activities. I strongly advise you to wake up and smell the AZT! Where have you been for the past quarter century? I strongly advise against having penetrative sex without protection (latex or polyurethane condom). Failing to heed this caution would be playing sexual Russian roulette.

Dr. Bob