Anal sex with hiv+ partner


hi, i had an anal sex around 4.5 months back, with my hiv+ partner whom i love. He fucked me using condom but it broke and we both were unaware of it and as a result he ejaculated inside me, after that we didnt had anal sex till date. i got my blood test recently and its negative. But since last 20-25 days i am feeling pain in my arse, initially it was itching but now at times i feel very painfull, sometimes very uncomfortable while siting.

Can i trust on my test results or do i need to go for test again? what are the chances of being positive if i go for test again after sometime



Unprotected (or broken-condom) receptive anal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV positive is considered a significant risk for acquiring HIV. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) would be warranted to help prevent or abort HIV transmission/infection if the first dose of PEP could be administered soon (and no later than 72 hours) after the exposure. Because the exposure is considered significant, the CDC recommends HIV-antibody testing at both the three- and six-month marks.

Regarding your painful butt, this would not be HIV related, but you certainly could have acquired a different type of STD that could be the cause. I recommend you see your physician without delay for an STD screen and further evaluation of your backdoor discomfort.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob