anal sex with condom


I had an anal sex with a man in sauna in Paris and was the active (not passive) player. I used a special gay-sex condom but used a saliva to smooth it, not the special water-based liquid. It lasted for 30 sec. The passive guy also used oral sex on me, but without a condom. Am I at risk of HIV if the opposite side was HIV infected? He didi not penetrate me at any time. Could there be a chance for me to get HIV infected? I am very worried, please help!


If the condom remained intact (no tears or breaks), it should be highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV and other STDs. Saliva does not pose a threat to the integrity of the condom, but may not provide adequate enough lubrication to reduce friction to the condom (which may increase the likelihood of tearing). Since the rectum does not have natural lubrication, it is advisable that water-based lubricants are used when having anal sex.

Receiving oral sex does not pose any real risk for HIV infection.