hello. i was wondering if you could please answer this and give me advice. i had anal sex with a guy (condom on) for less than a second, he used no lube or anything, and he rammed it in, that's why it was only for a second, cos it hurt. literally. it hurt for a while, and i thought i was bleeding, but by the next day i was well on my way. about 2 days later, i had to use the bathroom, but i was scared, but did it anyways and found it started to hurt again a bit, then, 2 days after that, i went to the bathroom about 2 more times and then it started to itch on my rectum. so then ,i find blood on the toilet paper. what could this mean? is it wise to go to a doctor? could it be just normal and a result of me using the bathroom? i am very nervous. i asked this because i noticed there aren't any questions about after anal sex. to this point, it has stop bleeding. please hlep. -worried well over my limit


There probably is no need for alarm, but if the pain and bleeding continue, you may want to go see your doctor. Anal sex can sometimes lead to temporary yet uncomfortable conditions, like fissures (tearing) or hemorrhoids (which can cause itching). These problems often resolve on their own. Try to abstain from having receptive anal sex until the symptoms subside (no blood or discomfort during bowel movements). Tearing or bleeding in your anus can increase your and your partner's risk for HIV infection, so it's best to wait it out.

Using lots of water-based lubrication during anal sex can help prevent some of the discomfort (both during and afterwards). You may also want to try talking your partner through it next time so that you are in better control of what feels right. Some people find it easier to control being the receptive partner in anal sex by getting on top of their partner and "sitting" on his penis. It may still hurt at first, but if you take your time and allow yourself to relax, it may be more pleasurable for the both of you.