I was diagnosed as HIV positive 1 1/2 years ago and am taking Reyataz,Norvir and Truvada. I probably was positive about 8 months before then. I am 53 years old. About 2 years ago I was told I had an anal fistula. At that time it was draining. Once I got onto the meds, it stopped draining and closed up. The last few days, it feels inflammed and hard. It is also giving me some pain in when I sit and walk. It may be contributing to some of the pain in my legs and lower back, but I am not sure. My diet has not changed. I have at my neurologist's request added Cq10 to my daily vitamins. I have also been taking Acidophilus more often, for acid reflux. What should I do-see a gastro doc, speak with my id doctor...please advise. Thanks


Anal fistulas are often difficult to manage even in general population and are not related to your HIV meds. I would discuss with your HIV doc and possibly get a referral to a colon rectal surgeon for optimal assessment and management. KH