Question Hi, a few months ago my health centre started an anal screening trial and I enrolled. Had the screening and just got the results. Good news is the HPV I have is not the nasty ones, bad news is the biopsy showed some abnormal cells, low grade AIN 1 to be precise. They tell me not to worry and the treatment is to monitor it annually, apparently it can go on its own. Just wondered what your views were, is it possible to have the abnormal cells removed and would having the HPV vaccine be a consideration? Not sure if I should be worried about this or not, will it result in cancer a few years down the line. Maile


Congratulations on the good news.

If you did not test positive to cancer causing HPV genotypes, discuss with your doctor the possibility to get you vaccinated against them.

Mild dysplasia should be observed as your doctor mentioned. Infrared coagulation should be used in more advanced cases.

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Please let me know if you have more questions