Anal Cancer Testing for HIV+HPV Infection


Ok, Inspired by the recent publicity of Farrah Fawcett's current cancer struggle. One doctor on CNN did say that people with HIV & HPV are at higher risk for anal cancer. I am a 35 year old HIV Positive gay male, Minor battle with anal warts at one time, Undetectable VIral Load on Atripla for 3 years now, CD 4 range 575-675 and 34%. When should I insist on anal cancer, colon cancer test due to my increased risk factor? Thank you so much for your informative, common sense and at times, funny responses to many important and light hearted questions! We all love you!


Hi Farrah Fawcett Fan,

Your HIV specialist should monitor you with anal pap smears on a yearly basis as well as with periodic visual inspection and digital rectal exams. Colonoscopy should be done at age 50; sooner if certain symptoms, such as bloody stools, occur.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob