Anal bleeding and with some parts hanging.


ive had sex last thursday and its been a week now. ive been always like this, after sex my ass will hurt and i will draw some blood everytime i take a crap and after 2 days, it will be okay. but now, my ass still hurts for a week and i think this pain is way much than before. and now, i have a hanging flesh on the outside of my ass even it is fully relaxed. and that flesh is hurting everytime i touch it.

pls help. should i see the doctor now? im discreet man who loves to have sex with men. my concerns are, if i will take this to surgery, will it be costly? and how long will it take me to be in the hospital? i really dont want my family to know. thats all.



You have "hanging flesh on the outside of (your ass) and it is hurting" a week after anal sex? OUCHAMAGOUCHA! You're wondering if you should see a doctor now? Well of course you should. In fact you should have been seen last week! As you can probably guess, painful flushing from one's butt is not normal!

I cannot diagnose the cause of your problems over the Internet, but it could possibly be hemorrhoids. Sometimes surgery is necessary; other times they can be treated medically. You might also have an STD or rectal abscess. I cannot provide figures on cost or days in the hospital, as I cannot diagnose your condition over the Internet with such limited information.

You can remain free and continue to enjoy sex with whomever you wish. However, you should do so safely. Safe sex shouldn't be painful for days afterwards nor should it cause rectal bleeding. I urge you to review the safer sex techniques for anal sex and also to remember that "lubrication is your friend."

Good luck.

Dr. Bob