Hi Doctor,

I tested positive about 1 year ago and since, have had 3 anal abesses. The 1st, surgery was required. Cut & drain etc. Worst experience of my life. The last 2, I have handled with salt/hot water baths and avoided going to the hospital. But still, dreadfully painful.
My recent counts are cd=494 and vl=40000 and I'm not on therapy as yet. One other note ... I've also experienced 2 abcesses behind my ears. Is there anyway to avoid these painful occurences?? Thank you for any assistance.


There is no foolproof way to prevent abscesses. If you are engaging in receptive anal intercourse, you might want to avoid that so that you don't traumatize the lining of the rectum. Good hygiene-- like washing behind your ears with soap thoroughly every day can also be helpful.