Anadrol - estrogenic, progestagenic, or both?


I have been reading conflicting things about Anadrol. Some sources say that it aromatizes easily into estrogen, so that estrogen blocking drugs such as Arimidex should be taken to prevent gynecomastia. Other sources say that it does not aromatize into estrogen and that the gynecomastia is a result of progesterone production. Progesterone production is apparently not a problem as along as other steroids that aromatize easily into estrogen (such as testosterone) are not used at the same time? I am confused and do not know which information is correct. Please help!


Anadrol cannot aromatize.

Anadrol of itself should not cause gyno. It is possible that it could however, compromise liver clearance of estrogen, allowing more in the system. This is more likely if high doses of testosterone are also used which do increase estrogen. Arimidex can reduce estrogen no matter what is happening though, so if gyno presents itself, Arimidex should be considered.

Anadrol does not increase progesterone either, by the way.