There is much published about the safety and benefits of anabolic steriods. Contrary to the negative stigma, Anadrol is one of the safest out there while dosages above 20mg of Oxandrin are liver toxic.

I have heard that Anadrol is also hemotologist best friend for anemia because Epo injections often fail since bone marrow is often suppressed, either due to the virus or medications. Is it true that Androl-50 works at two levels:1) forcing the kidney's endogenous output of epo and 2) stimulates bone marrow stem cell to product precursor cells? Is it also true that Oxandrin does nothing for my anemia?

I would rather be on Anadrol if this is true. I also heard that Anadrol is thousands of dollars less expensive and is only 1 pill/day. I am taking 4 pills three times daily for wasting. I would love to stop the epo injections and just use Anadrol!!


Hello Anabolic steroids were used to treat anemia for many years. And it is true that steroids have received many negative stigmas in the past, while many people with HIV and AIDS are benefiting from the positive results. If you are being treated for anemia and wasting syndrome, theoretically, Anadrol-50 should help both problems. If the bone marrow is severely suppressed, I suspect that neither Epo nor Anadrol would help. Epo also stimulates the stem cells to produce precursor cells, whether it's administered exogenously or produced endogenously. Epo has fewer potential side effects if you are only treating the anemia. Consulting with your doctor and perhaps a hematologist (which is what I did) would be wise to determine if you can succesfully treat the anemia and wasting with Anadrol 50.